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As we all know there arre some pros and cons to traveling in the states. When we think about those pros and cons, what are some traveling to another country? In a sense lets say you are traveling to Eroupe.Here are some pros and cons traveling outside of the United States.

My Experience in Eroupe

When I was in the 7th grade I got the opportunity to travel to certain countries in Eruope. I went to London, Paris, Switzerland, Netherlands, and Germany. Trust me this trip was a once in a lifetime experience. The buildings and structures I saw were amazing. The architecture in these building are fanominal. In some areas the people are nicer than others, but that it just their culture. In my mind it is definantly worth traveling to Eroupe at least once in your life. Everyday you are seeing amamzing structures and meeting new people. Down below is a picture of the London Eye with some interesting facts. Click in the center for facts about the London Eye or click on the base for facts about England.

Facts About The London Eye Facts about England
The London Eye
The London Eye